NOVEMBER 9, 2021

Kristallnacht Event

On November 9th, 2021 at the Horwitz-Wasserman Holocaust Memorial Plaza we welcome Jessi Roemer, Molly Wernick and Veronica Jurkiewicz for music and words of reflection to commemorate Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass.

Please find the lyrics to the music below (and each one is linked):

Jessi Roemer’s work brings ancient and modern text to life, traversing continents and history. Based in Philadelphia, PA, she has performed, taught workshops, and led prayer services throughout the US and Israel. Her music is influenced by gospel and blues, and Jewish music in Ladino. Reflecting her roots, influences, studies, and travels – which include having spent the 90s living in Jerusalem – Jessi’s original music is a 21st-century hybrid of European, Middle Eastern, Sephardic, North and South American styles. Jessi currently serves as the Hazzan (Cantor) of Society Hill Synagogue in Philadelphia, PA.

Molly Wernick is a South Philly-based activist and Jewish educator and her work has been featured in Lilith Magazine, JTA, and Alma. Since 2017 she has served as the Community Director of Habonim Dror Camp Galil in Bucks County, PA. Molly holds an MA in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Veronica Jurkiewicz is an instrumentalist, vocalist, educator, and curator based in Philadelphia.  She is drawn to sound involving the intersection of experimental, improvisational, and traditional practice; has a passion for creating and realizing diverse types of artistic programs and communal art experiences; and is an active member of the avant-garde music scene in Philadelphia. As a Teaching Artist and educator, Veronica brings her passion for chamber music, nurturing creativity, and de-colonizing the formal institution of classical music to her teaching philosophy.