21st Century Education

For Teachers

The Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation offers free professional development sessions for middle, high school, college, and Sunday school teachers. Trainings focus on increasing capacity to engage students in a study of historic and contemporary themes related to antisemitism and racism.

Lesson Plans

Degenerate Art: Visual Arts as Storytelling and Protest

20th Century Propaganda: Jim Crow and Nazi Germany

Berlin Olympics 1936 Lesson Plan

Teaching Tolerance: The Life and Legacy of Leon Bass

Understanding and Creating Memorial Spaces


Our teacher trainings are free, and we welcome educators affiliated with schools, congregations or museums. Teachers from the School District of Philadelphia are eligible for professional development credits.

During our trainings, teachers can expect to learn how to:
  • Use IWalk to lead a school group tour at the Memorial Plaza in-person or virtually
  • Use available lesson plans that explore the intersectionality of antisemitism and racism. Lesson plans include preparation for visit, content and critical questions, reflection and independent research.
  • Invite Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation staff to lead classroom  discussion about history and civic engagement.
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