21st Century Education

The Memorial Plaza will be a living classroom. It will help visitors reflect on the past while also educating on the universal lessons of the Holocaust, so that all feel compelled to combat prejudice, hatred, and indifference.

The Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation is partnering with the USC Shoah Foundation to bring educational content and technology to the Memorial Plaza and the Plaza’s online community, which will extend the site’s reach and impact beyond its location.

Interactive Holocaust Testimonials

As time diminishes the voices of the last living survivors, it is imperative that we find innovate solutions to educate about the Holocaust. An interactive app specifically developed with content for the Holocaust Memorial Plaza will allow visitors using a mobile device to connect to video testimonials of Holocaust survivors and witnesses. The videos will draw from the USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive that has over 54,000 eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust, along with photos, documents, maps and other educational materials.


Personalized Content

The app will personalize its content in real time for each visitor, based upon their native language, place of origin, and other customizable information. By establishing personal connections between the park’s visitors and Holocaust survivors through place, language, and culture, people will not only be able to grasp the gravitas of the Holocaust, but will be also be inspired to think critically and empathetically about our present and future.



The app will activate as a visitor moves through the Plaza and will provide context and explanation of the site’s interpretive elements to support learning.




We all have a responsibility to never forget and to make sure that we pass forward the lessons and the legacies of the horrors of the Holocaust so that all people can be protected going forward. We are stronger as a community, we're stronger as a city, we're stronger as a Commonwealth and a country when we respect one another.