Plaza Features

The Horwitz-Wasserman Holocaust Memorial Plaza is open to the public 365 days a year and is free to visit.

Visitors to the Memorial Plaza will experience a dynamic civic space with interpretive features designed to encourage learning and remembrance. Visitors can also use the IWalk app to experience a digital guided tour with personal testimonies of Holocaust survivors and other witnesses at specific locations within the Memorial Plaza.


Explore the Memorial Plaza’s several interpretive features that together create a singular place of learning and remembrance.


Discover more with IWalk!

IWalk is a pioneering mobile app that guides visitors through the Horwitz-Wasserman Holocaust Memorial Plaza using personal testimonials from Holocaust survivors and witnesses. As visitors approach specific features of the Plaza, IWalk presents content specific to these features and customizes it to each visitor’s age, language preference, and learning objectives.

Prepare for your visit by downloading the USC Shoah Foundation IWalk app on your mobile device for a curated tour of the Memorial Plaza:

For Apple devices

For Android devices