21st Century Education

For Teachers

The Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation has teamed up with ADL Philadelphia and the USC Shoah Foundation to offer free professional development sessions for middle, high school, college, and Sunday school teachers. Trainings focus on integrating the Horwitz-Wasserman Holocaust Memorial Plaza and IWalk into a holistic Holocaust education curriculum.


Our teacher trainings are free, and we welcome educators affiliated with schools, congregations or museums. Teachers in attendance may be eligible for professional development credits.

During our trainings, teachers can expect to learn how to:
  • Use IWalk to lead a school group tour at the Memorial Plaza
  • Use the IWitness portal to create classroom codes for student groups, access students’ responses to discussion questions, and find Holocaust education resources
  • Incorporate Holocaust education content into existing classroom curricula
  • Prepare for a class trip to the Memorial Plaza by planning age-appropriate lessons around the Holocaust to be taught prior to the trip
  • Debrief with their class after the trip, helping students to draw important conclusions about their roles in standing up to hatred and bigotry
With gratitude to our partners